Recently married into a bbq loving North Carolina family, I learned real quick what “real” bbq was and what it wasn’t.  First, it was pork butt – plain and simple – no chicken, no ribs and certainly no hot dogs!  Secondly, tomato never touched this pig! Eastern NC bbq has a very light vinegar sauce if anything.  I was bound and determined to make my new Father-in-law proud so I started working up my personal touches to Eastern NC bbq.
48 Hours before: 
Inject brine into pork butt
            Brine: ½ C. Salt in 1 Gal Water
24 Hours Before:
 Step 1 – Rub with plain ol’ mustard
 Step 2 – Cover with Rub Spices
              Rub Spices:
                        2 ½  Tbs Chili Powder
                        2 Tbs Cumin
                        1 Tbs Coriander
                        1 Tbs Kosher Salt
                        ½ Tbs Paprika
                        1 Tbs Dark Brown Sugar
                        1 Tbs Black Pepper
                        1 Tbs Cayenne
 Step 3 – Give him a shot in the butt! (cajun injector)
              3 Tbs Brown Sugar
              3 C. Cider Vinegar
              1 ½ C. Water
Around 6pm the day before eatin’
 Place butt on a rack in the roaster at 200 degrees – I use a regular countertop roaster
 Baste hourly for 19-20 hours
            Bastin juice
            3 Tbs Brown Sugar
            3 Tbs Black Pepper
            2 Tbs Red Pepper Flakes
            3 C. Cider Vinegar
            1 ½ C. Water
When sufficiently roasted, spread some aluminum foil on a cookie sheet. Lift the butt out using the rack, slide the butt off onto the foil and wrap tight.  Let stand 15 minutes to let the juices seep back into the meat.
 FINALLY! Unwrap and with a couple of forks, shred the meat into whatever size chunks you like! Toss on a little more bastin sauce, scoop some up, throw it on an onion roll with some cole slaw and you will go to HogHeaven!!