Those of you who know me, know I'm a reality-tv whore – ok, its out! I love reality shows – except the relationship ones! So it's no great stretch to think that I might like FOOD reality TV, right?  Currently there are 2 great shows out there: Top Chef on Bravo and The Next Food Network Star on The Food Network .  The only thing better than watching talented chefs cook is watching them fight about it, agonize over it and perform under pressure. I cant say that I have learned anything from either of these shows – but they sure are more entertaining than the current 30 minute sit-com fodder or the hour-long crime dramas that litter the airwaves!

Now for a cooking note: Watching Giada earlier this week, she made pan-fried pork chops that were breaded in a 3 step process:
Step1: Dredge the cutlets in grated parmesan cheese
Step2: A quick run through an egg bath
Step3: Another dredging in italian bread crumbs

This makes a wonderfully tasting breading for chicken cutlets, pork chops, Tilapia – just about any meat – MmmMmmmm