Now I can imagine what you may be thinking – “isn’t this the same Boy from Detroit  who talked up the Eastern-North Carolina Barbecue?” All I can say is, “it’s different! Its like sirloin or ribeye – you can argue all night long about which is better, but if you sit down to a juicy, pink slab of either, you know you’re gonna have some good eatin’!

Today I flew into Dallas-Ft.Worth and made my way to my hotel. Being famished I immediately grabbed the DiningIn guidebook and BAM! Page 1 was Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse! What a great reminder of my first visit to Texas about 8 years ago. Back then I was an IT Decision Maker for one of the Toyoda companies and Dell invited me and about 20 others out to Austin to tour their facilities.  They wined and dined us and took us to an incredible barbecue joint way up on a hill in beautiful downtown Austin.

I ordered up Sonny’s Dinner Plate – a combo of smoked turkey, smoked sausage and sliced brisket with mac & cheese, BBQ beans and peach cobbler! Doesnt get any better! Opening the styro-pack the smoky smell struck me, but then . . . there it was – the telltale pink ring around the brisket! Nuthin’ prettier on a slice of beef!  I love turkey and sausage, but eating them fresh outta the smoker just adds a whole ‘nother layer of YUM!

Needless to say, if you ever find yourself in this great state – find your way to a barbecue joint IMMEDIATELY! Just look for the smoke rising outta the roof – if you can’t smell it from the parking lot – keep on going!