This afternoon I was getting a little hungry after a particularly long conference call so I wandered down to the kitchen.  The pantry is a bit sparse since I am travelling so much. I wasn’t in the mood for an ordinary sandwich and I didnt really want to go to too much trouble because I had another call in a half-hour so I grabbed some roast beef, grated parmesan, raspberry jam and spicy brown mustard.  Mixing the mustard and jam together produces a yummy compound mustard that related very well to the roast beef and the parmesan dusted on the outside of the grilled sammich!  Being the loving sorta man that I am I made Rachel a sammich too and about a half-hour later she IM’d me upstairs and said “THAT WAS THE BEST SAMMICH EVAR! WHAT WAS THE SAUCE?” 🙂 playfully I replied “Ancient Chinese Secret!”

 Now You Know! Shhhh!