Specialty Grocers

Driving around town a couple of weeks ago I spotted a gourmet grocer on Kildaire Farm Rd in Cary. I stopped in and looked around.  I was immediately impressed by the colours and ambience of the store.  As I entered I was greeted by a color explosion in the floral corner – the selection was wonderful and everything appeared quite fresh.  Walking through the produce section I was greeted by wonderful fresh smells – a note of interest were several small fresh-greens bins along with a number of salad fixins for people who just wanted to stop in for a fresh lunch salad.  Making my way through the store I found great seafood and an awesome looking butcher-shop.  I have been looking for a place to get decent hand-cut angus since I came to NC last year.  Making my way around the perimeter I stopped by a little cheese counter – little in size, but great in variety and choice.  Next up was a small bakery area – very few items are made from scratch here, but most items are store-baked.  The next area of note, tucked away in a nice little corner of the store was a very decent wine shop.  I found both unique and inexpensive varieties as well.  Had I not really been looking, I would have missed what will probably be my favorite part of the store – individual packets of fresh spices! Back in Michigan, at Holiday Market in Royal Oak I could always get a scoop of whatever I needed for about $1 – its so important to have fresh ingredients, and spice can really get stale quickly when bought in the typical glass jars you find in a regular grocery store. 

Finally, one area of improvement I found, and I must say I looked the place over quite critically, was the bulk coffee bins.  As a coffee connoisseur I would like to see Roasted On dates on the bins – that is one thing I look for when buying premium coffee.  The Fresh Market is definitely somewhere I would recommend you take the time to visit regularly.

Visit http://www.thefreshmarket.com to find a store closest to you – with 56 stores currently and more planned, I am betting there is going to be one nearby.


No time like the present to start this blog.  I have been planning it since we moved to NC. Now that I will have a little more time in state, I figure its time to start taking stock of the local food scene – a Boy’s Gotta Eat!!

If you have any suggestions for restaurant reviews, specialty grocers or any kitchen tools you would like to give me to test feel free to post a message here.

As the Queen always said, “Bon Appetit!”